Frame specifications

Frame Dimensions

Premium Frames:
All frames are 34cm high and 1.5cm thick. Find lengths below.
1 photo = 29cm
2 photos = 40cm
3 photos = 51cm
4 photos = 63cm
5 photos = 74cm
6 photos = 86cm
7 photos = 97cm
8 photos = 109cm
9 photos = 121cm
10 photos =132cm
11 photos =144cm
12 photos = 155cm
Clip frames:
Each frame size: Exactly 6 x 4 inches (roughly 10 x 15 cm)
Frame Dimensions

1 - 12 Apertures

Photo Typewriter can fit between 1 and 12 letters next to each other in a single premium frame (see Frame Dimensions above for frame lengths).
If you need more letters you can split your word into two frames or purchase your word in multiple orders of clip frames.
Postage of multiple orders reflects the complete order, not 2 separate orders, and so is minimised.
1 - 12 Apertures


Premium Frames: Each has 2 or 3 hanging clips, stud mounted to the backboard. All have been successfully tested at weights far in excess of even our largest frame. Frames can be hung using either pictures hooks or picture wire (not supplied).
Clip frames: Should be hung using a small nails or stick on picture hooks (these will not damage the wall). Use a spirit level and space each nail 12cm apart for a 'neat' visual appearance or hang vertically or diagonally - great for going up stairs!

Frame Materials

Photo Typewriter are committed to supplying only UK manufactured products.
Premium Frames: A top standard of finish with excellent cornering, precisely cut acrylic and strong attachments for fixing to your wall. Frames are made of 'Polcore', a recycled polystyrene commonly used in the manufacture of frames. Polystyrene is notoriously difficult to recycle so we're pleased to be doing our bit, whilst still offering a professional quality frame.
Clip Frames: Our quality clip frames give you a durable, minimalist and more economical method of framing. They're glass fronted with strong clips.
Frame Materials


Our photographs are professionally printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper. We use 'lustre' paper (a silky version of 'matt' paper) so that it can be handled more easily than gloss, and reduce surface reflection.
The paper has been tested against fading and is guaranteed for up to 80 years when not placed in direct sunlight.
Professional reviews of the paper say: "High gloss combined with unique iridescent pearl like effect. High maximum density with deep blacks. Thick paper base. Exceptional sharpness. Purer highlights. Vibrant colour reproduction. Excellent image longevity".

Frame Corners

When ordering bespoke frames, a large part of ensuring quality is in the cornering. The corners must come together tightly at a 45 degree angle and be sharp. There should be at least 2 cornering clips used.
Premium frames supplied by Photo Typewriter have excellent sharp corners, a smooth finish and use 3 corner clips for strength.
Frame Corners

Frame Mounts

Your mount can be either black or cream (white).
Black mounts: Plain black with a white "v-groove" running around the outside of all of the photos.
Cream mounts: Slightly 'off white' and have a textured effect with a white "v-groove".
Each photo aperture has a beveled edge to display the white core of the mount as a border around the photo.
Frame Mounts